Album review By Adriana Rubio


“Counting To None” is the third CD Album by “Raw Deal” filled with 13 tracks to headbang from start to end. “Counting to None” is another true effort made by Gilles Rawson and Bret Sinclair without a real drummer.  In 2012 Raw Deal won the “Best Metal Act” award, so as you can imagine a drummer in the genre they have incurred musically is a must.

On the other hand, recording sessions particularly on lead vocals, the engineering work is poor since he should have given the singer more attention on some commanding tunes. Vocal chords cannot be treated as guitar strings. It is obvious that some singing parts where not supervised by a professional recording engineer.

Despite the fact of listening to a singer who has potential, but sounds like being ignored during crucial recording takes, I’ll proceed with the review on a more positive way highlighting the best tracks and the purest intentions of the protagonists in making it happen.

All tracks on “Counting to None” are undoubtedly influenced by classic metal bands together with some well done trash and hardcore tunes, and in this regard a complete new horizon opens for singer Gilles Rawson. While guitarist Bret Sinclair keeps technically loyal to the metal old school riffs, Gilles Rawson challenges himself combining thrilling and scary visceral vocals with some contagious punk rock singing style mostly appreciated in chorus parts. It certainly is one of the smartest strategies a singer can use to make the audiences sing along and interact with them dramatically plus the guitars Rawson plays in some of the tracks mentioned below.

Tracks like “Counting To None” (album same title), “Deliverance”, “Go to the Cemetery”, “Isa’s Eyes”, “Moto Psycho Bitch” and “Zero Hour” are definitely the more powerful tracks of the album.  The listener can really appreciate the metal feel to sing along and headbang!

All tracks have been written and composed by Gilles Rawson and Bret Sinclair. The Raw Deal guys have added Harry Mitchell to their lineup on bass guitar. Mitchell playing style is promising and rightfully tuned for the metal genre. 

Recording sessions, mixing and mastering for Raw Deal third Album “Counting To None” took place in London, UK at Sinclair Home Mobile Studio, except for “Moto Psycho Bitch” which was mixed by John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios.


1. Moto Psycho Bitch
2. Mark Of Cain
3. Machete
4. Defy
5. Canis Canem Edit
6. Deliverance
7. Counting To None...
8. Zero Hour
9. Go To The Cemetery!
10. Killing Time
11. No Fate.
12. Isa's Eyes
13. Mind's Eye

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