MARCH 11TH, 2012
Featuring Argentine Musicians
Guitarist Dave Kilminster

Article by Adriana Rubio

Courtesy of 300 Producciones & DBN Records

Timotteo is a tango quartet from Buenos Aires. In 2009 they started what they call “our own milonga”. They used to play their own musical compositions every Thursday evening in the heart of San Telmo, a very significant area of Buenos Aires devoted to promote all kinds of cultural events.  

Around the same year Timotteo released the first album titled "Timotteo" which also includes musical compositions from Plaza and Rovira. Additionally, the album features the “San Martin Symphonic Orchestra” performing a musical work from Astor Piazzolla: “Concierto de Nácar”.

Timotteo toured locally and also in Uruguay performing at “Montevideo Tango Festival”. However, in 2010 they embarked on their first European Tour for a big number of successful live performances in Spain, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Sweden and Denmark. And while touring in England, Timotteo played together with piano jazz musician Harry Waters. These great musicians are:

Ignacio “Nacho” Oroná   (Bandoneon)
Ruben Polizzi   (Violin)
Alejandro Lafogiannis   (Chelo)
Federico Pérez   (Piano)
Javier Arteaga   (DoubleBass)

Nacho Oroná is a self-confessed Pink Floyd fan and during the time Timotteo performed in England he realized that Harry Waters had a number of live performances. They arranged some gigs together. There was an incredible connection right from the start which led to record a couple of tracks for Harry Waters Band’s first solo album: “Libertango” and “Violentango” which are musical versions from Tango Master Astor Piazzolla. Timotteo and Harry Waters kept in fluent contact since then and due to The Wall visit to Argentina for nine concerts at River Plate Stadium, they organized a live gig for Harry in a more intimate environment to present his first solo album at ND ATENEO Theatre on March 11th, 2012 a sold out and memorable one! And for this special concert Nacho Oroná carefully selected the Argentine musicians to perform with Harry: Jerónimo Llamazares on sax, Federico Martin Palmolella on doublebass, Julián Nicolás Graciano on guitar and Santiago Hernández on drums. 

The event was presented and promoted by D.B.N and 300 Producciones. D.B.N is an Argentine Records Distributor Company which is in charge of distributing Harry Waters’ 13 tracks new album in Argentina. Eleven of those tracks are fully composed by Harry Waters with the inclusion of two Bonus Tracks “Libertango” and “Violentango” featuring tango quartet “Timotteo”

Harry Waters performed brilliantly for more than two hours. The set also included a sax quartet and a clarinet which was very much applauded. But one of the most exciting moments for the audience was when Harry invited Roger Waters’ touring lead guitarist Dave Kilminster to jam with him on stage.

When the show was over, a table full of Harry Waters’ CDs awaited at the Theatre main entrance for fans to buy from, a table which was prepared by D.B.N Press Agency 300 Producciones. There was also another table for guitarist Dave Kilminster’s CDs, his re-released solo album “Scarlet”, now titled “Scarlet-The Director’s Cut”

This blog thanks D.B.N and 300 Producciones for granting Press Access to document Timotteo & Harry Waters’ performance at ND/Ateneo Theatre.

For more information on Timotteo, Harry Waters and Dave Kilminster please visit their official sites at: