Article by Adriana Rubio
Photographs: Courtesy of XVive

XVive Audio is a worldwide registered trade mark on one of the most competitive products in the music industry engineered exclusively for musicians and designed in the United States: PEDALS!

XVive Audio launched in 2012 with a group of professionals working in different areas. To begin with, the Company counts with a female President, Ms. Nancy Lee, a very polite Chinese business lady who works hand in hand with Fischer Mao the Director of Line Product with offices in Guangdong, China; and Guy Lee, the Company’s Marketing Director based in Nashville, TN in the United States, a prestigious and talented American songwriter-guitarist, seminar speaker, book author and music journalist amongst some other relevant titles he achieved as a result of years of hard work and professionalism.  
XVive Audio major endeavor is to continue manufacturing a prestigious product with the greatest sound quality in the music market.  All XVive pedals are designed by qualified professionals in the USA, and are offered at very reasonable prices that any musician can afford. 

The XVive Audio USA Design Team is comprised by musicians and engineers who have years of professional background in the music field.  The Chief Designer for XVive is Howard Davis, a well known professional who designed many pedals for Electro Harmonix from 1976 to 1981 plus designed for Pigtronix and the Mother Ship analog guitar Synthesizer. Darius Mostowfi has 18 years trajectory into the pedals industry as a DSP and analog expert. Darious has also co-designed the guitar interface AmpKit LiNK HD, an unbeaten one most musicians want to explore. XVive Audio Team also counts with Ray Heasman, the one who was very instrumental in the designing stages of the recently released Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe and Infinity Looper. Heasman has been working in the music industry for like 15 years.

In a Skype video-talk I had with Fischer Mao, he made clear some very important points about the company, the line product and very especially about the USA design team.

 “Xvive launched in 2012 and its product line selection includes 18 MINI pedals and two W Series Pedals: The Overdrive Fuzz and the Wave Phaser”.

“Xvive differentiates itself from the horde by our tech team and pedal leaders. Xvive pedal leaders include former Electro-Harmonix designer Howard Davis, who designed the famous BIG MUFF, Delux Memory Man. DSP/analogue expert Darius Mostowfi, and Ray Headman, who has designed for Pigtronix”.

XVive Audio is growing up speedily and is getting big acceptance by musicians worldwide. XVive Audio endorses a long list of professional guitarists: Brad Gillis, Glenn DeLaune, Guy Lee, Rick Bozzo, Elliot Randall, and Guitar Virtuoso Eric Stadler amongst many other brilliant guitar players. 

XVive Audio was at the NAMM SHOW in 2013 and will be again in January 2015, this time with Guitar Virtuoso Eric Stadler.

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More to come soon so stay tuned!